February 1st 2014, MBTA switched their mobile parking payment provider to PayByPhone from their previous provider, ParkMobile. This service will make paying for parking at MBTA lots faster and more convenient.


Location Information
Please click here for a complete list of PayByPhone-ready locations and their corresponding location numbers.

What does this mean to you?
If you currently use ParkMobile to pay for your parking:

For riders who use ParkMobile to pay for their parking at any MBTA lot, you will need to switch to our new provider PayByPhone before Feb 1, 2014 to continue making payments for parking. To do so, just register for a free account at http://www.paybyphone.com/registration/, or download their app from your appstore. PayByPhone currently has an app for iOS devices (i.e. Iphone, Ipad) as well as Android and Blackberry phones. For Windows phone users and other smartphones, you can access the same parking functionality from your web browser by visiting m.paybyphone.com .

If you do not have a smartphone or if you prefer to call in, you can register and park using PayByPhone’s dial-in service. Simply call 1-866-234-7275 and follow the prompts to either register or park.

If you do not use your phone to pay for parking:

For riders who use our honor box system, we encourage you to try this new convenient mobile payment option. In addition to the convenience of paying for your parking from your phone, you also get the added benefit of being able to use your credit card, and the advantage of online receipts.

How do I use the service?
The PayByPhone service is easy to use, and operates in a very similar way to the ParkMobile service. First, make sure you are registered for a free account (if you are not yet registered, visit paybyphone.com/registration, or download the app). Then:

  • Park at the MBTA lot of your choice 
  • Open the PayByPhone app, visit paybyphone.com on your phone, or call in 
  •  Enter the location number for your MBTA lot – this number will be displayed on PayByPhone signs around the lot 
  • For daily parking, enter your space number* and go!

*Daily, weekly, and monthly parking options are available at Mbta.com. For multi-day, weekly, and monthly transactions, your space number is not required. Just select the amount of days or weeks you would like to park for and confirm.

*Parkers have 20 minutes from the time they arrive at a lot to make a payment for parking. This means that if you have to rush to catch your train, you can still make your payment in time. 

What if I have a problem?
One of the reasons for our selection of PayByPhone as a new provider is their customer service center. If you are having problems with the service, you can call PayByPhone’s customer service line at 1-866-783-7787 Or, contact LAZ Parking at 781-794-1791

Monthly Permit FAQ
1. How do I choose which month I am parking for?
Please ensure you enter the start date as the first of the month required eg. Feb 1, 2014

2. Do I still need to print out anything?
The MBTA has upgraded to an all electronic permit system. Printing and displaying your permit on the dashboard is no longer necessary.

3. How do I know my monthly permit is confirmed?
The confirmation page with the receipt is the confirmation, no additional emails will be sent. You will not receive a “pass” in the mail. In addition, you can always check your transactions by logging onto your account at PayByPhone.com

4. Will I receive a notification if I have selected to auto-renew?
If you have selected auto renew, you will receive an email at the end of the month confirmting this.

Location Information
Please click here for a complete list of PayByPhone-ready locations and their corresponding location numbers.

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