PayByPhone Rolls Out Across San Francisco

PayByPhone rolls out accross San Francisco

San Francisco drivers have some new options when it comes to paying for parking at meters.

Drivers can now use their cell phones to pay for parking at meters. The service is available for all cell phones and all carriers. To start parking either call the toll free number, download the app or use the mobile web. If you want we will even send you a text message reminder before parking expires and, subject to any restrictions, you can add time without going back to your car.

The program will roll out in the Castro District, covering the curbside meters located on Castro Street between 19th and Market streets, and on 18th Street between Diamond and Hartford streets. It also will be available for the metered spaces in the two city-owned parking lots off of 18th Street and off of Castro Street. The program will be rolled out to all meters during December and January.

PayByPhone is proud to work with the SFTMA and its SFpark Project.

What are the benefits?

  • No coins needed
  • Text message reminders
  • Extend your parking time by phone (subject to time limit restrictions)
  • View & print parking receipts online

Watch our short animated video for more info.

How do I use PayByPhone?

1. Download an app or call 1-866-490-7275.

2. Enter the 8-digit location number found on the meter.

3. Enter desired length of stay.

PayByPhone Parking Meter Sticker:

PayByPhone Parking Meter Sticker. Showing Toll Free pay-by-phone number, pay-by-phone web address, 8 digit location number and NFC area.


Ready to Sign Up?

Mobile: Download our app or use


Questions? See our San Francisco PayByPhone FAQs


Oh ya, there's NFC too

Every sticker has a near field communication (NFC) tag. NFC-enabled phones can simply “tap" the sticker to launch the PayByPhone app and load the location number; all that's left is to decide how much time you want. If you haven’t already installed the app you will be pointed in the right direction, it’s the same app for all transactions.

To learn more about PayByPhone & NFC click here.



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