The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions can be found below.




I'm trying to create an account online but it keeps saying user exists. I've never signed up before, help!

If you get a message that ‘user already exists’ it could be related to an old account that was not removed from the system, a mistaken number entry, or a recycled phone number. To rectify the situation please email with the phone number, and we can look into this for you.


I am locked out of my account. Why? What should I do?

If you are receiving the message that your account details are invalid or suspended, please consider the following points:

1. Ensure that you have the correct secret PIN/last 4 digits of credit card. To confirm you have the correct details, you can use the ‘forgot PIN’ link on our website or mobile website ( login screen. After 3 incorrect attempts, you must wait 15 minutes from the last unsuccessful login attempt. This is an intentional measure we have incorporated to maximize security.

2. Ensure you are using the PayByPhone App; we have competitors that have applications that are designed similar our own.

3. Ensure that you are logging in with your correct 10 digit account (phone number), no spaces, no hyphens.

4. If the 10 digit account number fails, you may have signed up using the +1 prefix. Try logging into the site with your phone number plus a 1 in front. For example, rather than 5552442424, you would input 15552442424.

5. Try logging into the PayByPhone system on a different device with or (tablet, phone, computer). If you are able to login to your PayByPhone account using a different platform, the issue may be with the device rather than your account.

6. Check the version of the App you are using; please update to the most recent version of the PayByPhone application.

7. Did you recently have a failed transaction? It is possible that the failed payment has put the account in suspended status. A PayByPhone representative can check on this for you if you send your 10 digit mobile number. Please email


How can I change the PIN for my account?

Please log in to your account with your phone number and current PIN, or the last 4 digits of your credit card. Once logged in, you have the option to change the PIN for your account through the profile options. If you have forgotten your PIN, you can have it sent to you here. Please note that the system will lock You  out for 15 minutes if you try the wrong account number/pin combination to log in more than three times consecutively.


How can I change my cellular phone number that is registered as my account?

Users are unable to change the mobile number for their account online. Please create a new account and then delete the old account. The deletion button is located at the bottom of the Profile page. If you require assistance in closing an older account, you can email Note: once you close the account, your transaction history will be unavailable: please print any receipts that you might need prior to deletion.


Can I add another phone number to my account?

Your account number is normally the phone number that was used to sign up; it cannot be duplicated or linked to another phone number. However, you are able to create additional accounts using different mobile phone numbers and use the same credit card and license plate information. Some users create secondary accounts with home phone numbers. Please keep in mind, if the account is not a registered phone number, the text message reminder option will be unavailable.


How do I delete my account?

1. Visit and log into your account using your ten digit mobile number and the PIN or last 4 digits of your credit card.

2. Once logged in you are taken to a screen where you can view your transaction history.  On this same screen there will be a white tab marked 'Profile'.  Click the Profile tab to access all the account information.

3. To the right side of the profile there is a scroll bar. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the profile and you will find the Delete button for the account.

If you are closing your account and require a record of your transactions, please print out your parking history prior to closing the account as the information will not be available once you delete your details.


How do I remove the text message reminder feature from my account?

If you no longer wish to receive parking reminders, you can disable the option by phone, online at, or via the App.

Online: Visit and log into your account with your 10 digit mobile number and PIN/last 4 digits of Credit Card. Once logged in to your account, navigate to the ‘Profile’ tab and de-select the option: ‘Send me a text reminder prior to the expiry of each parking session…’

App: Login to your account. The first page displayed will be prompting for location code.  The top right corner has an ‘Options’ menu.   Tap this menu and look for the ‘text & email settings’ tab: you can adjust the text message settings here.

IVR: Call the automated line. If you are logged in automatically*, the system will prompt you to input a location code, or  press *(star) for more options. After pressing the star key, one of the options is ‘Text & email Settings’ and you can adjust the settings from here.

*You can allow the IVR to bypass the PIN entry by toggling a setting on your profile.


I didn't receive my SMS reminder text, why not?

The delivery of SMS texts is dependent on your mobile phone network. PayByPhone sends a text reminder to your Wireless Carrier’s gateway, who in turn send it to your cellular phone approximately 7 minutes before your parking is due to expire. Delayed delivery times or non-delivery can occur when your network is experiencing problems. If you are not receiving these reminders, first verify that the Text Reminder setting is enabled.
If the feature is enabled, then we ask you to contact your phone company;

If you're located in North America, please ask your phone company about potential blockages of long codes beginning with the following digits +1-778-200-****.
These codes are owned by our company and used to deliver commercial texts in the form of parking reminders and other texts from our service.


I am receiving text message or emails about parking transactions that are not mine.

It is possible that an account holder registered an account using the wrong information. Please forward the message to and we can investigate and attempt to contact the account holder.


I do not recognize the PayByPhone payments on my credit card statement.

PayByPhone offers services worldwide, and these payments are made remotely, meaning you do not have to be in the city that the service is being offered. Some of the services that we offer are meter and parking lot payments, University and College Campuses (TRU, BCIT, Kwantlen, UFV). If you believe there may be fraudulent activity on your account, or that another organization is posing as PayByPhone, or need to investigate a payment, please send your phone number, license plate, date and amount of payment as well as the first and last four digits of the credit card in question to immediately.


How do I obtain a parking receipt?

To view and print off parking receipts, please log in The transactions page will default to the last 7 days. Please search for the date range you wish to view, you can review up to the last 24 months. You can print off individual receipts or export a listing of transactions.

If you need help logging in to your account, please refer to question number 2.


What types of credit cards are accepted?

Please refer to the PayByPhone parking signage to see which cards are accepted at that location. Note: there is a chance that the parking meters and PayByPhone system do not accept the same card types.

— All American locations: Visa/Debit, VISA, Mastercard

— Select American locations: Amex and Discover

— All Canadian locations: Visa and Mastercard

— Select locations: Amex, Visa/Debit hybrids

*At present, most of the Canadian vendors do not have visa/debit cards enabled on their merchant accounts. While we have had reports that Canadian Impark lots do allow you to use the types of cards, if you then use your account with the City of Vancouver, the transaction would fail. For this reason, we recommend sticking to a major credit card. Visa and MC are accepted by all of our Canadian vendors - and Amex at some.”


How do I update my credit card?

You can easily update the credit card information associated with your account by visiting our website Log into your account using your ten digit mobile phone number (no spaces and no dashes) and either the PIN or last four digits of the credit card you currently have on file.  Once logged in click on the 'profile' tab to gain access to all the information associated with your account.

You can also update credit card information when you log in to any of our smart phone applications.  Log into the App and click on the 'Options' tab in the top right corner, you will then see an option for updating payment details.

IVR: dial the automated line, press *star for more options and then wait for the recording to read out, ‘to change credit card, press___’. The option list varies depending on the number you have dialed.


I made a mistake when inputting the location code, duration or vehicle, what can I do?

Users are unable to change any parking transaction details once the parking session has been confirmed. If you have parked under the wrong location, vehicle license plate, or parking space/stall, please start a new parking transaction with the correct details.  Please note that all refunds, for corporate and personal accounts, including duplicate parking transactions requests, are subject to the refund policies laid out by the Parking Operator. PayByPhone has no authority to directly issue refunds on the Parking Operator’s behalf. Please contact the parking organization to discuss potential reimbursement.


What phone number do I call to start a parking transaction?

The automated service line that you call into is dependent on the city. All PayByPhone locations have the appropriate phone number posted on signs and parking meters.


How do I know if PayByPhone is offered at a particular lot or meter?

If the PayByPhone service is offered, you will see the PayByPhone sticker/decal stating that you are able to pay for parking. Please note that there are different companies that offer the similar services. Please be mindful that the PBP sign/decal l has the PaybyPhone or our former company name, Verrus, listed. When the location number is inputted onto the App, an address will appear and should match where you have parked your car.


How can I find out if my parking was processed?

App: After confirming the transaction details, you must wait for a confirmation message to appear. If you close the app before viewing the completion message, please log back into the app to verify if your parking request was successful. If the session has started successfully then you will see the details displayed. If you have enabled the Activity Feed on the App, you will be able to see parking transactions once they have completed.

IVR: A payment is successfully processed if after confirming the transaction by pressing 1, you hear ‘Payment Successful. If you are not informed of a live parking session you can assume your parking session has not been started.


I moved my car but still had time remaining. Can I apply the unused time to another location?

APP: There is no way to transfer unused time to an alternate location. Load the App and input the new location to purchase more parking.

IVR: There is no way to transfer unused time to an alternate location. You can start a new parking session by calling the automated line. Wait for the prompt that asks you to ‘Press * (star) for more options.’ The next prompt will be ‘To purchase other parking press 1.  Input the location code to see if additional time is allowed).

Note: In some instances, you are unable to stay at the same meter.   If the next transaction is occurring on the same block and your previous session has exceeded the configured time allotment.


I can't add more time to my parking, why?

You are most likely trying to exceed the maximum parking restrictions for the meter or lot that you are parked at. PayByPhone customers are subjected to the same parking restrictions as customers who pay through the meter. Some areas prevent users from repeat parking after staying for the maximum time allowed by implementing a wait time i.e. 30 minutes. In this case users are unable to park at the same location, or possibly at other meters on the same block, until the defined wait time has passed.

For more information on parking restrictions or bylaws, please contact the parking company or enforcement office.


The PayByPhone rate is different from what is advertised on the signage or at the meter.

The parking rates for PayByPhone should be the same as the rates posted at the parking lot or meter. In some instances, a service fee or special event pricing may be in effect.  For rate discrepancies, please contact the parking company as they will need to make the proper adjustments to ensure the correct payment is processed.


How much is the service fee and what am I paying for?

The service or convenience fee covers benefits such as text message reminders, the ability to add time remotely, email confirmation and online receipts. In some cases, PayByPhone applies a convenience fee to each transaction. Not all locations/operators are subject to the transaction fee.  In some instances the fee is absorbed by the vendor and in other cases it is passed onto the customer. For example, you may notice that using the service in different cities results in varying transaction fees, sometimes, zero, or ranging from $0.25 to $1.00.


I received a parking violation but I paid by phone. What happened?

If you received a ticket, please check your transaction to ensure that the location, license plate/stall and time, corresponds with the information listed on the citation. Follow the directions on the ticket. Should you need to access your parking transaction history, please login to

If you login to the account and do not see a transaction, it is possible that the transaction was not confirmed. It is important to wait for a confirmation message to appear. If you are on the IVR, the message will state ‘your transaction has been processed.’ If you are on the mobile web/App, a message is displayed stating ‘Your parking has been started.’

If you received a ticket despite valid parking payment, you must contact the parking authority.

Please note: PayByPhone cannot not handle ticket violation disputes on behalf of the parking operator. We can confirm that payment was successful and investigate any anomalies, but ultimately, you must reach out to the parking authority.


The instructions on the meter at the parking lot say I need to display a paper receipt on my dashboard ? Does this extend to PayByPhone transactions?

When you PayByPhone, you do not need to display anything on the dash. The enforcement group will have a list of validated meters, license plates or space numbers dependent upon where you are parked, all via a handheld device.


Why am I being asked to enter my creditcard's CVV/CVC security code at the parking confirmation screen?

More and more parking operators are deciding to enable CVV/CVC confirmation before accepting payment. Requiring CVV/CVC entry is one method to reduce potential fraudulent transactions. This is due to Merchants and Service Providers not being allowed to save CVV/CVC in their databases due to PCI-DSS requirements. By forcing the Consumer to enter the CVV/CVC for each payment attempt, the idea is that only the cardholder has access to this data for card-not-present transactions. As a PCI-DSS compliant organization, PayByPhone is not allowed to store the CVV/CVC and only enables this feature on the request from the parking operator.

General inquires


I’ve paid by phone but the meter did not update?

In most cases, the meter does not update when you pay by phone as the meter cannot communicate externally. However, the parking transaction details are always automatically displayed on a separate device that is accessed by parking officers.


The parking meter is out of order/ate my coins/ did not print out a receipt:

All issues pertaining to the meter must be addressed by contacting the parking operator.


I am having problems using the phone service with a Blackberry or another device with a QWERTY keyboard. What do I do?

We advise customers who use a Blackberry or other device with a QWERTY keyboard to set up their account online in advance wherever possible. However, if you have a Blackberry or other device with a QWERTY keyboard and need to set up an account on-street, you can call the PayByPhone number and press * to speak to a customer service advisor who will help you set up the basic account information (license plate, name, some functionality, email), you will be instructed to log in yourself to add the credit card information.


If I don't have my cellular phone, can I use another phone to call in to pay for parking?

Yes, you are able to use any phone to call in to pay for your parking. Just call in to the automated service as usual, where you will be prompted for your 10 digit account number (mobile number) 4-6 digit PIN, or the last 4 digits of your credit card currently on file. If you are not asked for this information, then press * for more options and select the option to choose another account, as this means the phone you are calling from is already associated with a PayByPhone account.


Is the PayByPhone system secure?

YES! All of our cardholder data is heavily encrypted. PayByPhone adheres to PCI Level 1 compliance and is audited yearly to ensure its compliance with the security standards. You also have the option of enabling your account with a security PIN.  Some of the parking operators (SFMTA, Impark, Metro Parking, and Advanced Parking) have added CVV code entry as a mandatory step to processing each payment in order to increase security further.


Snow Days: MBTA

The snow procedures as per the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) are as such: If the parking lot is covered in snow and you are unable to see the space number, please input the lot location number and ‘7669’ as the space. It is important that you make a payment so that the parking operator, LAZ parking, will still receive the revenue. If you are ticketed due to invalid stall entry, please visit the disputes page here.

Corporate accounts: IVR only, not available for the App


Can you provide a brief description of how the Corporate Accounts Program works?

To register, an administrator creates a PayByPhone corporate account that includes a credit card, a list of license plates and also a list of employees. The employee list include name, phone number, and email address. Once each user is set up, they can call the automated line and input a location code, duration and select their vehicle from the list of plates. All users have access to all vehicles; during the first call, the user selects a license plate to park with.

Once this plate is selected, the system will default to the selected plate on all the subsequent calls.  We send a welcome email to each user with some basic information; including a PIN in case they are calling from a phone number other than the account number. The account administrator has access to reports that detail usage and break down activity by user.


I have a personal account as well as a business account attached to my mobile phone number, how do I know which account is going to be charged for parking?

The PayByPhone system will always inform you what account is being charged before you confirm the transaction. You will hear either, ‘…on your business account’ or ‘…on your personal account.’   If you need to change the account type, press 2.

The Corporate Account is only accessible via the IVR


I have a new license plate/phone number, what do I do?

Please contact your Account Administrator for any account changes or updates. The Corporate Account Administrator can login here with their credentials to manage the drivers and vehicles list.


I am being prompted for a credit card number, why?

There are 2 reasons why you may be prompted for a credit card #:

1. You chose to park under a Personal Account, and if you don’t have a Personal Account set up you do not have a credit card attached to your account. You will need to call back in and park under a Business Vehicle.

2. The credit card attached to the Business Account is invalid. In this instance you will need to contact your Administrator as soon as possible so that they can update the credit card information for the account.


I am being asked to enter in the CVV security code of my business card at the end of the transactions confirmation.

There are some parking authorities’ that require entry of the CVV code.  This number cannot be saved to the Admin account to circumvent this manual entry, so the employee will have to be given the CVV code when parking with one of these vendors to make a valid payment.

(Parking Vendors: Impark, Advanced Parking, Metro Parking and the City of San Francisco).

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